Sunday, August 9, 2009

#12 I Should've Retired Years Ago

Hope everyone is doing fine & enjoying the Blog. I thought an insight to our life style might be interesting. Mary says I am just bragging, so be it. We start each day in the morning, which a lot of you will undertsand is not normal for us. 30 years on the night shift & the concept of morning gets real blurry. Breakfast is now an everyday occurrance(see morning). Walking the dog is a must, it helps keep the trailer livable. Then the important decisions are made, what's for dinner, what do you want to do today, what time do you want to go to bed, etc.? Lately we take the motorcycles out everyday & see another stretch of the Blue Ridge Parkway. It is something to see & should not be missed if the opportunity arises.

I did mention the dog, right? You might have noticed the short, hairy, 4 legged peson in the profile picture. That would be Foxy. She is loved family member just like the kids, grandkids, & spouses. I think I am lower than Foxy on Mary's list, but I'm close! Foxy is 14 years old, a mix of Corgi & Chow & whatever, & has the sweetist disposition of any dog I have known. Most people who meet her agree! She travels well and might have a slight perpetual case of narcolepsy. This dog can sleep! The look on her face when we get up in the morning for the morning walk is priceless. A peek, a look over her shoulder, & a look that says "where the heck are we?". She does not like the water but is intrigued by it. My concern is that she will get too close & fall in & then the wet dog smell. Yuck!!!! We love her, but know that at the age of 14 her time is probably short. We will miss her but like "empty nest syndrome" life changes & a whole new set of opportunities will open up.

Today the dog has been walked, breakfast has been eaten, steak is for dinner, & we will be doing some laundry(still wearing clothes) & the rest of the day doing NOTHING!

Since we haven't moved, we are living the life in NC because....
Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

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  1. .. so glad you're enjoying "being retired" it really is great and although we "turned the motor off" so we could enjoy our Grands, we've experienced the fun of what you are doing .. love the pictures, going to add the one of you-two to my gallery. Have fun! Oh yes, we watcher RV with Robin Williams, yesterday -- if you haven't seen it, do try to. smiles, Beryl & John