Thursday, January 17, 2013

'13/#2 Still Here For Now

We have been in Largo FL for a little over 2 weeks now and I thought I should blog about something. We are back in the same park we have been coming to for the 6+ years and you would think that they would appreciate customer loyalty but that is not the case. Before we left last year we attended their annual renewal party to lock in our site for the next winter season. We kept in contact during the summer and were assured that our reservation was in order and they were looking forward to our return. HA! Upon our return we found our site occupied and when we went to the office about it their response was "too bad". We were moved to another site that did not completely suit our needs and are now looking for another park to stay in.

I always say that our plans are written in jello and our plans for next summer have fallen in to that category. We have decided to stay in FL for about a year for personal reasons and will not be on the road for about a year or two. Therefore we are looking for a park that cares about the customer since it will be a park that we call home for some time.

This week is the annual Tamp RV Super Show and we attend very year when possible. In it's 20 year history I think we have missed it twice. We go to look for gadgets and gizmos that will make the RV lifestyle easier, check out work camper opportunities, find new destinations to explore, and of course drool over all the shiny new RVs. This year we are also looking at all the RV parks in our area to find a long term home.

 Wednesday was senior day and all us old farts got a $1.00 discount. The weather was ideal for criss-crossing the fairgrounds. We picked up a lot of info to do some research and even spent a little money on stuff we actually needed. This year we stayed away from all the gadgets that just happened to catch our eye. This year we were somewhat disappointed by the RVs on display. The RVs were very pretty and it is always fun to look at the latest and best RVs but after all was said and done we couldn't find an RV that we would buy even if we were in the market and had all the money in the world. More so than usual we found that the designers were looking at flash instead of function.

We will be going back and meet up with some friends. The RV show always gives a second day pass with all paid admissions. The show is so big that it takes two days to see it all. So I will call it a day on the blog from our home here in Largo FL because....

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

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