Monday, April 16, 2018

'18/#8 Same Jello, Different Flavor

The two days we spent in Congress AZ were much needed. Saw some friends and just relaxed after all the excitement of the past few days. We got up Monday morning and got on the road at the reasonable hour of 8am. While traveling Mary called ahead to check on the campground we were planning on staying at. Guess what? As they like to say, there was no room at the inn. So Mary started calling around and there were no places in the Page AZ area with openings. We did find a place for the next night but what about tonight. What to do, what to do?

Well we were near Flagstaff and looking for a place to fuel up and realized how close we were to Williams. It was only around lunch time so why not spend a night in Williams? And since it was early enough why not take a drive up the road and take a peek at the Grand Canyon? Well why not shake the jello for a good reason for a change?

We checked in at the Canyon Motel and RV Park, unhooked the truck, packed a lunch, and took off for the south rim of the Geand Canyon just 52 miles away. We've been here before but being this close it was worth the trip to see it again, even if only for a couple of hours. We walked around a little, took a bunch of pictures, and were once again amazed at the majestic sight that is the Grand Canyon.

Tomorrow we will head out for Utah and we will try to see as much as we can in the Bryce Canyon area before continuing our trek north. The weather is changing as we head north with temps tonight expectd in the mid 30's and winds around 25mph. We will try to stay warm in our home here in Williams because.....

Home is where we park it,
Frank and Mary


  1. So happy that the events since leaving TX didn’t faze you two. No one ever said anything in life is easy. What makes your situation even better is the scenery changes with each new ‘event’. Making everything that much better in my opinion. Looking forward to photos!

  2. Frank I like that shirt! Go Bolts!