Thursday, May 19, 2022

'22/#11 Home!

With Pennsylvania behind us and memories from the road with good friends we are now home. Yes, I said home and I mean home in several ways. First and foremost, as I always sign off on this blog, home is where we park it. Secondly, we have arrived at our destination and home for the next four to five months.  Our third level of being "home" was apparent as we got near our final exit on the interstate. We had driven this stretch of road many times last year and it had that familiarity of being home. We know the roads, the landmarks, the shortcuts, and everything that makes one comfortable upon returning home. 

The last and maybe most important way that we knew we were home is....well let me just say Penny and Kim. Both of them gave us a welcome back that is only given to family and the best of friends. Even Mr. B, one of the company vice-presidents spotted us and had to come and give us a welcome back that made us feel right at home. I've said before that in our travels we see so many wonderful and awesome things but what stays with us and means the most are the people we meet.

The next few days will be busy getting our work documents in order, restocking the fridge, getting our home set up for the long stay, and a whole list of things that need to be done after a long and successful journey. It is chillier than we are used to and the weather could be nicer but to paraphrase the saying literally, a little rain must fall. 

I will end this blog having a list of things that need attention in front of me and will sign off as usual from our home in Curfu, New York because.....

Home is where we park itt,

Frank and Mary

Sunday, May 15, 2022

'22/#10 A Time To Remember And Reflect

 We are spending a few days in Pennsylvania before the last leg of our trek north. While here we wanted to go see the Flight 93 Memorial in Shanksville to pay our respects to those who died fighting back against terrorism on September 11, 2001. 

The site is not only a memorial to those who died but is now part of the National Park System to insure that the events of that day will always be remembered. The park is ultimately a cemetery, a mass grave for the passengers on Flight 93, therefore it is a somber atmosphere. It is a place to remember and reflect on how that day changed the world.

There are lots of emotions felt while visiting this site. For me, I am sad for those who died and the families who lost loved ones, I am sad at how the changes stemming from that day have affected all our lives. But mostly I am angry at how it represents mankind's attitude toward mankind. I understand we are all different and have differing opinions on everything, but I don't understand how people could do so much harm to each other over those differences. We should embrace our differences and respect each others differences and make every effort to not hurt or offend each other over these differences.

This is not directed at the terrorists from 9/11 only. I am talking about differences in race, religious, social and economic status, and tasts and opinions of all kinds. Our differences are what make us uniquely human and allowed us to develop and share ideas since the beginning of time. We need to share and nurture these differences to ensure that humankind can continue to grow and evolve.

This was not a light hearted blog by any stretch, but it is my forum to speak my mind. I don't want to start a debate here in the blog. I just want to share my opinion and give you something to think about. Just a thought.....maybe just be kind to each other. 

From our home in Pennsylvania because....

Home is where we park it,

Frank and mary

Sunday, May 8, 2022

'22/#9 Quick Stop, Quick Blog

 We are just outside of Bristol Tennesee for a one night stay. We don't do 500 mile days anymore so this breaks up a too long drive in an RV. Besides we are retired so, on time is when we get there! 

Leaving Cherokee and our friend Melissa behind we hit the road around 10am for our short trip. As I am prone to do, I forgot to reset the GPS for RV travel. Luckily before it was too late I realized that the directions were taking me over the mountains and through the woods, not to Grandmother's house, but on a recommended scenic motorcycle route. This route was not RV friendly, and certainly not good for a truck/trailer combo 57 feet in length. A reroute and an extra turn or two and we were on our way.

Some steep mountains, both up hill and down hill, but the truck handled it all just fine. We left the trailer to find a small local fuel station that saved us 30 cents per gallon but still set us back almost $150! Ouch!! Oh well, that is the cost of living the RV Lifestyle.

Tomorrow is our longest day of our trek north so I am going to sign off now, have  some dinner, and call it an early night from our home in Tennesee because.....

Home is where we park it,

Frank andMary

Friday, May 6, 2022

'22/#8 Ahhhhhhhhh!

 It is raining today so we are not doing much of anything. Today is our day of rest. Two days from now that will change. We will be back on the road north. Mother's Day will be a travel day so today I made my famous (at least in our family) french toast as an early Mother's Day breakfast. Later we will do some laundry and for dinner, eh? Who knows?

Saturday will be all about getting ready for the road. Holding tanks will be dumped, hoses put away, and things inside will be secured for travel. We like to get on the road early so we can check into the next campground and relax before dinner and a good nights rest. One night near the Tennessee/Virginia border and then on into Virginia for a short stay to visit more friends. We seem to have friends everywhere we go.

Mary is in the kitchen and it looks like chicken for dinner. I will get into the shower and get the laundry together. Life on the road is all about the excitement. NOT! It is a lifestyle and the hum drum everyday chores still need to be taken care of. So I will sign off from our home in Cherokee NC because......

Home is where we park it,

Frank and Mary

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

'22/#7 Northward HO!

 Our trek north is well on it's way. We are now in North Carolina at the Cherokee KOA. This destination will serve as a multi purpose home base. First we get to see our KOA sister from Petaluma California. After we left California, Melissa decided to follow in our footsteps or should I say tire tracks. She now is workcamping for KOA around the country and is spending this summer here in Cherokee. Like us she is enjoying seeing the country but is really enjoying the people she meets. Welcome to the workcamper lifestyle.

While we are here we will also be just on the other side of the Smoky Mountain National park from Pigeon Forge. If you follow us you know that is where we spent a summer working at Dollywood. We made many friends that we have kept in touch with and will try to see them while we are here.

On top of that one of our coworkers from the post office has settled up here in the Sevierville area and we will see him and his wife also. All of this will fill our time here in the Smokies before we continue north towards our summer destination. 

For now the trailer will sit still and Cherokee will be our home for the next five days because.....

Home is where we park it,

Frank and Mary

Saturday, April 30, 2022

'22/#6 Stretching Before A Workout

 It's always good to stretch before a workout and it appears to be good advice when RVing. We have been stationary for 6 months and are now on the move. Our first leg of the journey was only 150 miles. It got us back into RV mode as far as dealing with traffic, checking maps, rest stops, and anything else the road can throw our way all while pulling a '41 trailer. Our minds are now fully into RV mode.

Our first stop was at the Gallardo Family Campground in north Florida. The owners and operators af this "one site" campground are folks we worked with in the Post Office. We haven't seen them in 15 years and it was like yesterday when we finally got togther. They are part of our postal family hence the family designation to the campground/driveway. Please don't try to find this campground anywhere on the internet. It is very, very exclusive and we consider ourselves very fortunate to be members.

We went to dinner with these fine folks and also with Debbie and John. John was also a member of our postal family and once we started talking about names and events it felt like old times. We will be here a couple of days before we continue on the Adventure 2022 Tour. 

With promises to keep in touch and get together again when we are all back in Florida I will sign off so that we can enjoy our stay in our home in the driveway of our friend's home in north Florida because.....

Home is where we park it,

Frank and Mary

Sunday, April 24, 2022

'22/#5 No Calendar, No Clock, Just An Egg Timer

 The pages on the calendar are gone and the clock is down to the the last minute. We are leaving Zephyrhills in 5 days and our list of things to do is dwindling but is not yet complete. We are under the gun so to speak and it seems that our schedule is set by an egg timer or stop watch. Not to worry, we will leave on time. There are always things to do do right up until the wheels start rolling.

If you follow us here on the blog or on Facebook you know we are headed back to upstate New York again this year. This is a rare return to a previous destination, but we have our reasons. We are closely watching the weather because of he unseasonable winter storms they have had recently. We do not like the cold and we HATE to drive in snow with the RV. Flexability is one of the most used tools in our RV tool box, so we shall see what happens.

It was great to get together with friends while we were here in Florida, but I know that there were some we didn't get to see. Not to worry, we will be back next winter with the rest of the 2022/2023 snow birds. Just remember that our calendar fills quickly so let's start making plans as soon as we get back. This year we may be back as early as mid October. Keep following for future developments.

As is our usual travel plans we will not be rushing to our summer destination. We will stop to "smell the roses" as they say. The metaphorical roses I speak of are friends along our route. Having traveled around a lot of this country and worked with many people we have also made a lot of friends. Some we have not seen in quite a few years and some we have seen within the past year. Either way we hope they are looking forward to getting together as much as we are.

Well the list is not going to get done with me sitting here so I will sign off from our home for the next 5 days here in Zephyrhills because....

Home is where we park it,

Frank and Mary