Wednesday, June 29, 2011

'11/#31 Blog Continued

Ok, let's pick up where I left off. Thursday Mary got up & her hip was feeling a little bit better. She decided to try work & see how things went. It was busy & as the day went along she felt better so we finished our shift. That night we got confirmation from family that they would be able to visit us here in Pigeon Forge. The only issue would be getting the 4th of July week off from Reds. Friday at work we spoke with our boss who was cool about it. Since we had worked with her several times on scheduling issues & had not asked for time off before she was glad to give us the week off. We are looking forward to getting together with everyone. The past 2 years it seemed like every time we were headed in their direction they were headed elsewhere. This time we will be together & for more than just a day or two.

Saturday was our one day off before going on a one-day-on-one-day-off week long schedule. We drove out to Townsend TN again, this time to see a crafts show sponsored by a woodworking store called Nawger Nob. There were quite a few talented people selling their crafts & I was once again amazed at the wood work in particular. I can't explain the attraction to different wood colors & grains or how I enjoy feeling the different textures in the grain of each kind of wood. Nothing beats the look & feel of a hand sanded piece of wood with a natural oil finish. Well before we left Mary bought me a beginners wood carving set & talked me into attending a beginner's class at the Nawger Nob. I am looking forward to it even though I don't expect to be as artistically talented as the craftsmen in the area.

We have to stop taking days off. Every time we have a day off we seem to spend it shopping. Besides Nawger Nob we stopped at a boot store that advertised "Buy One-Get 2 Free". This we had to see. We saw, we shopped, we bought. We now have 3 new pair of boots in the house. Go figure! The boots were good quality, the price was right, & we do wear boots so why not? Later that evening we met up with a group of the younger employees after they got off from work to go bowling. I haven't bowled in about 15 years with all my back issues & then back surgery but I figured why not try? After the initial hesitation I surprised my self by bowling 3 games all over 135. Except for some soreness in my arm & hand I felt pretty good. Mary also bowled after many years of not bowling & did well without any complications. We are not going on the professional tour but maybe we can again bowl occasionally just for fun.

Sunday I went back to work while Mary had the day off. Being shorthanded in the kitchen I get an extra day here & there. It gives Mary a chance to get caught up on cleaning the house & cook ahead a little. I get home & she complains that she worked harder at home than if she went to work! It was a slow day in the "Wood" & we were looking forward to our next day off. Monday we woke up & Mary felt like crap. Congestion, sore throat, ear ache, the whole thing. Dollywood's medical center(an employee perk) is a joke. It's not available until after 30 days employment & then it takes 2 months to get an appointment. When you figure most workcamper commitments are for 3 months....well you do the math. Anyway we found a walk-in clinic & finally got to see the doctor. A shot in the butt & a prescription for antibiotics & we were on our way. I know she didn't feel well but Mary was being much crabbier than usual so I sent her to bed & got the heck out of Dodge. The laundromat looked so inviting & peaceful compared to Crabby. She just needed time to get better. With the laundry done & Mary asleep I relaxed in the peace & quiet until it was time to eat. A thrown together dinner & I called it a night. We will see how Mary feels in the morning.

Tuesday the sore throat was almost gone, the ear ache was better, & the congestion clearing up so Mary wanted to go to work & see how things went. It worked out well. As the day went by she got to feeling better & was beginning to joke around like her usual self. Crabby was gone ! Yeah!! We went home & had one of Mary's delicious pre-cooked dinners. The rest of the night we watched TV, played on the computer, & just relaxed. Today Mary felt better still so we went out & ran some errands. We dropped off a resume, shopped at Wally World, & since Mary felt so good I took her out to dinner. Then it was on towards home.

Well I think I am all caught up so I will end this blog & just relax until bedtime in our home in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee because....

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

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