Sunday, June 26, 2011

'11/#30 Another Week, Another Blog

I've got a weeks worth of blogging to catch up on. I'll probably do some tonight & some tomorrow since I am kind of tired.

The week started on Sunday with what could only be described as a Smoky Mountain typhoon. The locals say that it isn't normal but we have been getting rain, no I mean storms that make it feel like the trailer is going to blow off the side of the mountain. The storms come up suddenly. The sky turns black, the wind picks up, & the rain starts. We have seen so much rain going sideways that I suspect gravity is not working all the time. Anyway the rain kept the crowds away from Dollywood. Rumor has it that they only had 800 people in the park that day. At Reds we stood around looking at each other with nothing to do. The boss had called all the early shift & told them not to come in & just kept the crew that was scheduled to close. Guess which ones we were. Yep we closed. We were glad that day came to an end. Nothing makes the day drag like staring at the clock.Monday the weather was beautiful & the crowds showed up with a vengeance. I think they were trying to make up for the previous day. It was crazy but the day flew by & we were looking forward to our days off.

Tuesday was our errand day. We did some cleaning, some shopping, & some laundry. After dinner we took a walk to see one of our fellow campers we hadn't seen in a week because of our schedules. No sooner did we get to their rig the sky turned black, the wind picked up, & rain drops the size of your fist started coming down. We made a run for our trailer & got home before we were completely soaked. Two things happened on the way home. First there was a flash of lightning & all the lights in the park went out. The second thing was Mary lagging behind me on the way home & hobbling up to the trailer holding her hip. She has arthritis in her hip real bad & she thinks something may have popped. It started to get warm in the trailer so we took advantage of a wonderful feature we have in our home. A generator. We had A/C & all the comforts of home in spite of the blackout. The rain stopped & it had cooled off quite a bit so we opened the windows & went to bed. Mary's hip didn't feel much better so she took a pill & went to sleep with hopes that it would feel better by morning.

The next day it was hurting so bad I gave her a pain pill & sent her back to bed with her best friend in these situations, a heating pad. I spent the day reading & Mary spent the day sleeping. Her cute little sleepy head would pop out of the bedroom every once in a while but that was it. I made dinner, we watched some TV, & called it a night hoping that her hip would feel better in the morning.

I am falling asleep writing this so I will call it a night & hope to continue tomorrow or the next day. So we will catch up then from our home in the stormy mountains of Tennessee because....

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

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  1. We really enjoy your blog posts! Having just become fulltimers we are continually seeking " them that's doin' it". We are corresponding with Dollywood about the 2012 season , as well. What is the range of pay for workampers there ? Thanks and keep up the great blog. G.R. and Sharon