Sunday, June 12, 2011

'11/#27 We Need A Revolving Door

This is the week that our schedules don't match up at all. Well lets see how that goes. Wednesday the weather was nice so Mary took the truck to work & I followed a few hours later on the bike. If the weather cooperates this schedule shouldn't be too much of a problem. It sucks that we don't come & go together but it will work out.

Tuesday was an off day & Mary's hands were feeling good so she wanted to take the bikes out. We both know that she will miss riding but she will be better off not riding in the future. This time we headed away from the Smokey Mts. We read about a covered bridge & decided to go check it out. These one lane wooden covered bridges are kind of neat. They have been maintained & are still used by all the local traffic. Height & weight restrictions allow most vehicles to pass through. Even our F550 would have fit without the spoiler on the roof. After the usual photo ops we kept on traveling east towards Chestnut Hill Tennessee, the home of Bush Beans. Yes the factory that keeps humans fully stocked in methane is right here in Central TN & there is a museum & video tour of the factory. The Bush family has quite a history in the retail & wholesale food industry & has been operating a cannery for a number of decades. We even got our picture taken with Duke the unofficial spokes"person" for Bush beans. A few purchases at their museum store & we headed home. We didn't want to push Mary's hands too far & ruin a wonderful day riding through the TN countryside.

Thursday we were back on our screwy schedule. I had to work & Mary had the day off. As spouses are known to do I left her a "honey-do" list that basically had her looking at my computer. She had her own list that kept her busy all day. When I got home she had grocery shopped, gone to the bank, fixed my computer, cleaned, vacuumed, organized the cabinets, & had dinner ready. What a woman!!! She was exhausted & said that she would have rather gone to work. On Friday we both worked but Mary went in at 9am & I didn't go in 'til noon. Another couple from the trailer park had the same schedule so we carpooled with them. Again, we would rather work together but it worked out. We have talked to the boss & the next weeks schedule looks a lot better.

We have 2 days off in a row & are planning a few excursions to check out some more of the local scenery. So until I blog again know that we are having a blast in our home in TN because.....

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

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