Thursday, May 27, 2010

# 64 Whew! We Made It

With only 90 miles to our next destination the morning was not rushed at all. The truck was still hooked up, so it was breakfast, utilities, walk the dog, & hit the road. At the PA/NJ border we decided to fuel up figuring that diesel prices would be through the roof near NYC. $133 later & on to the Big Apple. As we approached Newark the roads got narrower, rougher, & more congested. Such is traffic near the big cities. I was doing fine but Mary & Foxy were not really enjoying themselves. The bumps were interrupting the dog's nap & Mary was just tensing up because of the traffic & the roads. We followed the directions, found all the signs, & arrived safe & sound. Mary did manage to hold it together, but she still doesn't like driving in the big city. Yet, she still wants to ride her motorcycle into Manhattan...go figure.

After we got the bikes unloaded & the rig backed in we proceeded to hook up the water & electric. As is usual in any adventure a snag, no electric. After checking all the usual suspects we found that the plug at one end of our 50 amp power cord had shorted out. Fortunately we had a 30 amp cord that would make do until we could fix our 50 amp one. We will just have to watch our power usage so we don't blow a fuse.

We are now planning our first day as tourists. Checking attraction schedules, finding routes for trains & water taxis, & finding places to eat. Yes I said water taxis, since we are in NJ the quickest way across the Hudson River into NYC is by boat. The train also goes under the river but lets us off in a different part of Manhattan. Then there is the ferry to Ellis Island. I guess we will be traveling by land & sea while we are here. This is also Fleet Week in NYC so we will try to get down there & see some of the ships & demonstrations they are going to be putting on.

Tomorrow morning is going to be an early one so tonight should be early as well. So goodnight from our home in Jersey City NJ because...

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary & Foxy too

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