Friday, May 7, 2010

#57 What Has Happened To Us?

I first blamed it on 30 plus years of night shift work, then my surgery recovery, & then just being laid back & retired. What am I talking about? How about my inability to get up in the morning? It seems to be getting worse! No matter what time we go to bed or what time we set the alarm for morning still comes somewhere between 9am & 1 pm. We have things to do & our lists aren't getting any shorter. Now we are blaming it on the mountain air. What ever it is we have to do something about it or I'll get nothing done.

Today we decided to do whatever we can in the time we are actually awake. One day jobs may take 3 days but hopefully the list will eventually be depleted. We still walk every day even though Mary has fallen down on her insect ingestion. Today she has started up again. The weather is getting a little chilly at night with temps in the mid 50's. It's great sleeping weather ... another excuse for not getting up in the morning. Well since going to bed early doesn't help I'll watch some TV read some & then go to bed. Tomorrow, what happens, happens. So for now, we are sleeping in in our own bed in our own home in Greenville because....

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

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