Sunday, May 2, 2010

# 55 We Start A Routine

For the first time in a while we stayed on track. We got up, did the morning routine, & took the bikes out to gas them up. The weekend people are packing up & leaving. It looks like the routine around here is quiet all week long, the locals come up for the weekend, then they leave, & it starts all over again. There are quite a few RVs left here semi-permanently as weekend cabins & getaways. It's much cheaper than actually buying some property & building a cabin.

Tomorrow is laundry day & we get on with our daily grind. We will try to see some of the surrounding area but ultimately there are a number of projects that I need to get done. The next 3 weeks will be pretty boring so I expect my blogs to be shorter & possibly less frequent. I will keep all up to date on the excitement in our lives in our home in Greenville, because....
Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

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  1. Frank
    We enjoy keeping up with your wanderings in the Wilderness. How about mentioning the Campground Names so we can locate them and sympathize with your efforts to get into them.
    So many of the Parks originally were built for 20 ft. tag alongs' Some that we stayed in were parked so close that the neighbors could ask you to pass the sugar.
    Enjoy "Roughing it "
    John and Beryl Branin