Saturday, May 1, 2010

# 54 Things To Do Even In Paradise

Today was the day that we promised ourselves we would get up & get some things done around the house. We set up our canopy & finally unloaded the bikes. Our mail had been forwarded & we had about 3 weeks worth to go through. Our outside lighting & signs were set up & it started to look like home. The weather is supposed to turn a bit rainy so motorcycling may not happen right away.

The campground has been filling up with locals for the weekend so we don't have the place to our selves anymore. We took a walk around the place & heard some loud music. Being the curious sort we had to investigate. Behind the camp office/rec-hall there were at least 3-4 occupied golf carts just sitting there. On the back porch was a set of multi colored strobe lights in sync with the music. It was like a disco & drive-in movie had a love child red-neck style. Oh well to each his own as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else.

Tomorrow we'll try to take the bikes out for a little ride, gas them up, & be home before the rain starts. Monday we will make the trek into town to do some laundry & do some shopping. After that we plan on seeing some of the country side by motorcycle.

Just a reminder you can see picture of our adventures on Mary's Facebook. Also, I love getting the comments on the blog. Most of the comments come through as "anonymous" & that is fine. But if you want a response you have to let me know who you are. Until the next time, from our home in Greenville, because....

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

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  1. Glad to hear you are getting settled in. Things are the same her, weather is finally getting to the Florida theme, hot and humid. I am just not a cold weather person anymore.

    The PO is still the same on S%#T. Everyone stabbing everyone else in the back, Gil is still Screaming. The new MDO is pretty nice as far as my dealing with him (JB FLORES). People on the floor say he is alway trying to change thing. My thinking is "If it ain't broke Don't fix it"

    Will keep in touch from time to time. Tell Mary thanks for the card, I really enjoy getting them.
    Tell later, Jacque