Thursday, December 6, 2018

'18/31 We Scaled The Wall

We have been here in the Rio Grande Valley now for a month and it was time to go to Mexico. The park bus was going so we joined the party instead of driving. As we approached the border we kept an eye out for the troops that were stationed down here to keep the South American caravan from crossing into the US. Since the city of Donna is just a few towns from where we cross in Progresso we expected to see some build up of troops but none were to be found.

At the bridge crossing, the Mexican check point was the same as before. A fifty cent pedestrian toll and welcome to Mexico. When we go by bus we usually have about four hours to spend in Progresso so we just strolled down the main street and checked out the stores to see if anything had changed. Not all of the shops were open but for the most part it was business as usual.

Like most Winter Texans we picked up a few trinkets and some OTC medicine that is considered prescription medication in the USA. These medications are also at a substantially lower price. That tells you something about the pharmaceutical business in the US.

Last year I finally got Mary to eat lunch in Mexico and since she survived we decided to have lunch before we headed back to the bus. Two lunch plates, two margaritas, and a beer for $15 and it was delicious. Apparently the margaritas were a little potent and hit Mary a bit harder than she expected. Needless to say she was enjoying herself.

Well it was time to get back to the bus. A 25 cent toll to get back to the good old USA, a check of our passports, and we were on our way home. No soldiers, no barbed wire, no invading horde. All a bunch of baloney to scare the American public.

The bus was ready to leave and Mary was already closing her eyes. It was a quiet trip back to the park with our fellow travelers tired and Mary with a little buzz.

Once home Mary continued her nap in her own bed in our home in Pharr because...

Home is where we park it.
Frank and Mary



  1. So great you two get to explore and enjoy Mexico. Sad that we have idiots in Washington that continually lie to take focus off of themselves

  2. Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah also! Have a safe and Happy New Year!