Monday, May 15, 2017

'17/#12 Jello, Jello, Everywhere

The only thing you can be sure of is that things will change. Like I've said before, our plans are written in jello. Our plans to work in Michigan didn't work out. The work ethic that has served us well for many years apparently created a conflict of personalities with another work camper couple. Since we were the "newbies" and not planning to return like the other couple we were asked to leave. To avoid any drama on a minimum wage job we took our pay for the time we worked and hit the road.

Many people have asked how we deal with the uncertainties of living on the road. Well we left Silver Lake and found a fair ground with camping facilities for the night. Fair grounds are famous for reasonable rates and this one was no different. While we relocated Mary put out feelers for another work camping job. Just 24 hours after being asked to leave we got offered jobs for $13 an hour near Mt Rushmore. It looks like the jello is starting to set again.

We went shopping and bought a few things. Tonight we are cooking our butts off to have some meals precooked for the road. If all goes as planned we might just hit the road tomorrow morning and be in South Dakota by the weekend.

I'll blog again soon but for now this is so long from our awesome smelling kitchen in our home in Mt Pleasant Michigan because.....

Home is where we park it,
Frank and Mary


  1. You guys Rock! Keep us updated, I may need to go back to Old Rushmore for the summer to see you!

  2. Sorry the original plan didn't work out, but I love the freedom you have to not put up with bullshit and nonsense and do exactly what you want. Safe travels to Mt. Rushmore!

  3. Dave and I agree with Miss Vivian. Dont take any BS and do what you have always done. Safe travels and take two more looks at Mt. Rushmore--one for Dave and one for me! Talk soon!!

  4. I'm guessing either other couple were complete jerks, or there was more than conflict of 'work ethics'. No matter, you're better off being somewhere appreciated, and better paid!