Thursday, February 2, 2017

'17/#4 A Rant And Some Warm Jello?!?!?

I need to blow off a little steam. I am not much of a presence on facebook but I did read a lot of what was posted. I was what people called a "lurker", mostly I read and posted very little. I enjoyed reading about what other people like to share about themselves. I was entertained by videos that ranged from cute to bizarre. The RV community was always interesting to me so that I could learn more about the lifestyle we have chosen and share what we have learned with others. What I didn't like was the meanness that some felt was OK to spew all over the internet while staying basically anonymous. The vile and obviously unsubstantiated political comments ( from both sides) throughout the election process made my stomach turn, but the continuation of this asinine rhetoric has pushed me over the edge. There is no way that I can enjoy facebook while the world finds this platform a place to attack from a position that has no accountability. For that reason I am boycotting facebook for the foreseeable future. I will no longer "lurk" nor post. Any information I will get will be relayed to me in person by those who can get past the incivility on facebook. I am sorry to those who might miss my presence, but anyone whom I really want to communicate with and vice versa, well, we will find a way.

In my last blog I talked about the passing of Aunt Grace and what family does for each other. Well it looks like we will be heading to Florida a little sooner than we had planned. It looks like we will be needed by Uncle Don, so we will take our jello south to a warmer climate.It will be nice not being so cold, but we would have liked it to be for different reasons.

And the prep work begins. This week is Mary's last at work and the next will be our last in Missouri. We will be getting the rig ready to travel over that time. This will entail a little more than usual because of all the winterizing we did earlier in the season. We have enjoyed our time here and as usual we have meet a lot of great people and made some good friends. Leaving is always the hardest part of living this lifestyle but it also allows us meet more people while discovering this fantastic country. We try not to say "good bye" but " see you down the road". You never know when our travels will bring us back this way so that we can talk more about our home in Missouri because.....

Home is where we park it,
Frank and Mary


  1. Well put!! Safe Travels my Dear Dear Friends.

  2. Your posts are always so entertaining! I feel the same way about FB...sometimes very hard not to lash out, but I too have mostly lurked around the political junk!So as you, I am not on very much as a result! You did a great job voicing your stance.
    Have wonderful & safe travels & hope to see you " down here" soon!