Friday, November 18, 2016

'16/#45 Signs Of The Season, Birthday Season

November is the beginning of the Holiday Season and in our house it includes birthdays. November has no less than four birthdays in our immediate family, and more counting close friends. If you follow us on facebook you know Mary just had a birthday and mine is just a few days away. We are always thankful for all the friends we have, but are reminded at times like these just how many friends we do have. It took Mary a day and a half to respond to all the birthday wishes. We went into Springfield for her birthday and just relaxed. We strolled around the mall, checked out some stores, and did a little shopping. Later on we went out to a nice dinner and Mary considered her birthday a total success.

While we were walking the mall it dawned on me that I am reaching "official" retirement age in the next few days. As I walked the mall I also realized just how old I am. I always love to people watch and comment to myself about what I see. Unfortunately I was listening to myself and came to the conclusion that I am just plain old! The thing that hit me the most was the clothes people wear. I see girls wearing pants so tight they couldn't hide a pimple while there are guys who could carry a whole turkey in their pants with room to spare! Has clothing gotten that ridiculous or am I just old? Maybe a little of both? Oh well, I guess getting older beats the alternative.

Another season is heading our way soon. The forecast is for cooler temperatures in the next week. We have been enjoying unseasonably warm weather for this area and have taken all the credit for it. We claim to have brought some of the warm Florida weather with us. The night time temps will be dropping down to freezing the next couple of nights but we are prepared. With proper clothing a furnace and portable heaters we are ready. Add to that the wind has picked up quite a bit.

We also sell propane here and have some of the best prices around. We expect to sell a bit of propane the next few days. That is one of the jobs we are responsible for and expect to be busy with it all winter.

That's enough for now. So we will be staying warm in our home in Forsyth because...

Home is where we park it,
Frank and Mary

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