Friday, November 4, 2016

'16/#41 Going The Wrong Way?

I know it has been awhile since I have blogged, but we are traveling again and I should be able to find material to share. Mary has all but completely recovered from her knee surgery and is able to travel without any restrictions. I am once again the only thing slowing her down! The month of October was busy between surgery, family, and friends. We were able to get to the east coast to see Uncle Don and Grace before we left and managed to see our Cody friends Margaret and David while we were there. Back in Pinellas County we spent some time with the kids and grandkids knowing we would miss them throughout the holidays season. Add to that all the friends that wanted to get together before we left on our adventure, the month flew by. We also spent way too much time eating out instead of our usual cooking at home. We now need to go on diets heading into the holidays. Sound like fun! NOT!!

Some how with all that was going on we managed to get everything done around the rig to prepare for the road. We left Wednesday morning around 5am and made it to Alabama in time for dinner. It was a long day but we were able to put almost 550 miles behind us. Alabama was just an overnight stay but we found a nice family RV park just off the highway. Our next destination...Arkansas.

320 miles down the road in West Memphis, Arkansas is Tom Sawyer RV Park. We have stayed here before. It is a great place to relax right on the shores of the Mississippi River. Something about watching the tug boats pushing barges up and down the river is so calming. I'm not sure how calming it is for Mary, with her jumping up all excited everytime she hears a boat out on the river. It doesn't matter as long as she is happy, and the look on her face says she is.

Tom Sawyer is a 2 night stay so we will get a few more things done to the rig that came up in our travels. Nothing major, just the usual things that arise from owning an RV. It's no different from owning a home. We live by the list because if we didn't nothing would get done. Most of the list is checked off and since the campground has free laundry we decided to take advantage of that. One more night watching the river traffic before we head on down the road. Next stop will be near Branson MO.

Now in case no one noticed, we are heading north, and as everyone knows this is the time for the annual southerly migration of the American Snowbird. Everyone has been telling us that it is going to be cold where we are planning on staying, as if we didn't know! First of all we are preparing for the cold weather. And second after 3 years of year round Florida and a gazillion degree weather we are looking forward to the change. Third and lastly we are looking forward to something different. We may never do it again but we will have done it. Also I am sure we will have stories to tell around the campfire while we are warming up or thawing out, whatever the case may be.

I guess that is enough for now. The rest of the day will be relaxing in our home beside the lazy Mississippi River because.......

Home is where we park it,
Frank and Mary

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