Thursday, November 10, 2016

'16/#43 Settling In...Kinda?

Well here we are in Forsyth, MO. With a population of 2200 it is the epitome of small town America. Driving through town (which took all of 5 minutes) we found the Post Office, a couple of small grocery stores, a couple of gas stations, and a handful of restaurants. The only chain restaurant in town is a McDonalds, which we probably won't ever visit unless we get so bored we are looking for a part- time job! LOL! One of the grocers is a Save-a-Lot and one of the gas stations is a Casey's. Other than that everything is locally owned and operated. Heck, the Jellystone RV Park we are working in is probably one of the better known names country wide, and we are actually just outside of town.

The owner has given us the keys to the kingdom and shown us around. It is a nice RV park reasonably close to Branson MO, which probably makes it a busy little place during the summer months. Right now there are eight sites occupied in the park and that includes us. Several will be leaving in the next week or so and the rest will be gone by mid December leaving us as the sole occupants other than an occasional drop in over the winter.

Yesterday we got out and started taking care of the leaves. Up here in the mountains there is no shortage of leaves. We just have to blow them off the sites and around the office to keep the place looking presentable. We will also have to fill propane as needed. With our prices lower than anyone else in town we should be busy with that during the colder months. We have even turned our furnace on for the overnight hours. It had gotten down to 45 degrees last night so the heater was nice. We also have a couple of electric space heaters and an electric fireplace to use during the day. At night we have an electric blanket for when it gets really chilly and of course a quilt on top of that. I don't see us having a problem with the cold.

After blowing some leaves and having dinner Mary looked outside at the dark sky and said it must be getting close to bed time. I had to burst her bubble by telling it was only a little after 5:30 pm. Between the time zone change and Daylight Savings her internal clock is all screwed up! I figure we will be used to it by weeks end.

Well that's all for now from our home in Missouri because....

Home is where we park it,
Frank and Mary


  1. I feel the same as Mary -- getting totally dark at 6p is ridiculous and makes my body think it is time to go to sleep too!

    Debbie F