Wednesday, August 3, 2016

'16/#32 Setting Down Temporary Roots!

It's been a while since I have blogged so let's try and catch up. Our 10 days in Pigeon Forge were relaxing. There was nothing we had to do but get in touch with some of the friends that we made when we worked at Dollywood 5 years ago. We only knew these people for the 5 1/2 months that we worked there, but became such good friends that it was like we had never left. We also had a few things looked at on the RV and are planning to do some more to make our travels easier and more enjoyable.

The next leg of our adventure took us 5 hours down the road to Campbellsville, KY. We will be here for the next 5 months working for We worked for them several years ago and they have been asking us to come back since. Amazon uses a lot of work campers to staff during their peak season leading into Christmas. We are part of the first group of 80 that is starting earlier than ever before. Apparently Amazon is doing well and they rely on work campers to get them through the rush.

Since our last time at Amazon things have changed. This Fullfilment Center(FC) no longer has everything under the sun on the shelves. Campbellsville is now primarily a clothing distribution center. Other FCs will specialize in books, electronics, etc. No longer will we be able to compare the weirdest thing we have picked from the shelf. I take that back. We will still compare but I don't expect as many off the wall items as we once saw. In 2 days Mary has found an inflatable gorilla suit and a pair of size 15EEE cleats. I found a sew on patch that says "Embrace The Suck". Today I also picked at least a dozen leopard pattern pregnancy bikinis. Is the whole Swedish bikini team in the family way?!?!? I'm sure there will be more odd items to report.

I will have more tomorrow  from our home in Campbellsville, KY because...

Home is where we park it,
Frank and mary

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  1. You two sure find some interesting items on those shelves. Glad you had a good time in Pigeon Forge. Noticed from the pictures that you not only visited friends, but enjoyed that beautiful scenery too!