Wednesday, July 20, 2016

'16/#31 Back To The Scene Of The Crime!?!?

Monday we set out for the next leg of our adventure. It was only going to be a short drive to St Augustine, FL...the scene of the crime(aka our honeymoon). We always try to hit St Augustine whenever we are coming into or leaving Florida. This was only going to be a short overnight stay. With a couple of errands to run, diesel fuel to top off, and dinner at one of our favorite restuarants we were ready to leave Tuesday morning.

Before the sun was up our wheels were on the highway. We wanted to put some miles behind us and overnight somewhere in NC. We stopped for breakfast in GA and kept on motoring down the road. With no traffic to speak of we were making very good time and so no problem getting to NC. Cutting across I-26 we started calling ahead for a campsite for the night. I don't know what was happening but everyone was full. We could boondock in a Walmart parking lot but we try not to do that if we can help it. Finally a place near Hendersonville had an opening and they would hold the spot for us.

Off the exit ramp fom I-26 Google maps was taking us through some seriously scenic back roads. I'm talking dirt and gravel here! All of a sudden the all too familiar beeping of the TPMS started going off, AGAIN! Another parking lot pit stop and we were able to get to the RV park. Another old tire let go. I should have just put new tires on before we left, but 6 tires at $175 apiece told me to wait. 20/20 hindsight!! This time I crawled under the rig to check the dates on the rest of the tires. Beside the one that blew I had one more that was over 5 years old. I replaced the blown one and put the old one up for the spare until next month.

With just over 100 miles to get to Pigeon Forge we slept in a little later and drove into town to get the tire replaced. Again, they  had no room or equipment to handle a 40' 5th wheel so in the parking lot across the street we set up shop. With the bad tire in the shop we took off the old tire and put it up for a spare and waited. Once the tire was done and mounted we were back on the road.

Lunch was at a truck stop on I-40 in NC. Our next stop was the Tennessee welcome center. We gathered the usual tourist information and got some advice on a scenic route through the mountains. This time the road was paved! We arrived in Pigeon Forge a little past 2pm and got right into the tourist traffic that I had forgotten about. It has been 5 years since we had been here. We are looking forward to meeting up with some of the good friends that we made when we worked here at Dollywood back then. Reminising about the good times we had and all the trouble we got into will be fun. I guess we are returning to another "scene of the crime"!

I will sign off now just like I did 5 years ago from our home in Pigeon Forge because...
Home is where we park it,
Frank and Mary

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