Monday, July 18, 2016

'16/#30 Tomorrow We Finally Leave Florida!

It is only 80 miles to the Georgia border and Florida will be in our rear view mirror. Getting here was an adventure in itself. We left Largo Sunday morning and headed east to see uncle Don and Grace. Crossing the state was uneventful. So much so that Mary slept a good part of the way with her head wrapped in a towel to block the sun light. I am already in trouble for taking that picture and sharing it so I've opted not to do it here. As we were getting off I-95 the tire pressure monitor(TPMS) started to scream. I slowed down and opened the window just in time to hear a tire pop and whistle as the air came through the part of the tread that had peeled away. Again with the jello?!?

It being Sunday there was no shortage of empty parking lots to pull into. We jumped out and the pit crew went to work. Bad tire off, spare tire on, and back on the road in less than 30 minutes. Over the years I have gathered all the right tools for such an occasion since we have been left stranded for hours by our road service. AAA is a little better, but it is more difficult to find road service for an 18k pound RV. Even with AAA it is sometimes easier to do it yourself.

Port St Lucie RV Park was only a few miles down the road so we decided to get settled in and then get a new tire. I will NOT travel without a spare. Now remember it is Sunday so finding a tire shop open and with the tire we needed proved to be a challenge. Finally found one about 20 miles away and drove there with the tire in the back of the truck. Most of these places either don't have the equipment or the space to work on a 40' 5th wheel so we would have to put the new tire on back at the RV park.

Once all that was taken care of and we got cleaned up we had a nice visit with Don and Grace. Neither of them are spring chickens but they are doing very well considering. We all went out to dinner, said our good byes, and went back to our home in Port St Lucie because....

Home is where we park it,
Frank and Mary

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