Wednesday, June 29, 2016

'16/#26 LOOK OUT!!!! It's A Jello Storm!

The kids have been dropped off and we are relaxing again. The last few days of the trip the fridge started acting up. Since we had some work done on it a year ago in Zephyrhills we figured "why not have the same guy check it out?". So our home is in Zephyrhills again.

 The fridge turned out to be a minor thing so that is good now. The truck/trailer connector had a few issues, so I was prompted to accelerate the plan to move the connection from under the bumper to inside the truck bed. This was always in the plans but the timing will let us take care of it now. And to complete the jello trifecta one of the tail lights on the trailer decided to become fickle. Two new tail lights and we will be good to go.

Pigeon Forge is still on the schedule, even without the kids. We still have a lot of friends in the area that we would like to see. On top of that Amazon has contacted us about working for them again. It was something we were planning anyway, but they now want us there as early as the first of August. This will be the beginning of their peak season so it shouldn't be as crazy as November and December, which will let us get into the swing of things gradually.

 With the money we will be earning there plus not having to pay rent for that time we will be able to feather the nest egg a bit before we head out on our western adventure. If we can just control ourselves with the Amazon employee discount we will save quite a bit of money.

We will sit tight here in Z-hills for the 4th of July holiday just to avoid the insanity of driving during that time. Then we we will head over to Pinellas again. We still have a storage unit that we have to empty, a motorcycle to load up, and friends and family to see before we leave for at least the next 5-6 months. That is as far as we are planning for now. Why tempt the jello!

I am signing off to get some things done at our home here in Zephyrhills because....

Home is where we park It,
Frank and Mary

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