Wednesday, June 15, 2016

'16/#24 A Day Of Ups And Downs (In more ways thn one!)

We have arrived in the Big Apple and are ready to see some sights. First we had to get to our campsite in Jersey City. Lots of fun negotiating all the construction, pot holes, and over all terrible traffic and remember this is with a 40' trailer swinging around behind! Once we got settled in we made plans for the next day.

We were going to get to the bottom of the NYC  scene by starting at the top, literally. Our first stop was at the newly opened One World Observatory in the new One World Trade Center tower. Talk about breath taking views. There will be pics on Facebook that I can't seem to get posted in the blog. It doesn't matter because the pictures don't do it justice. Besides the panoramic view, there is an interactive tablet that points out and talks about landmarks throught the city. We easily spent an hour or two just walking around in circles and staring out at the skyline that has made NYC world famous.

Now that we had seen the top it was time to get to the bottom of everything. That meant the 9/11 Museum. The whole museum is underground ,directly below the Memorial Pools Waterfalls. These pools are built in the foot prints of the Twin Towers that feel on 9/11. The museum talked about the building of the towers and then told of the horrors and heroism durring the terroist attack of that horrific day. Our grand kids, having been born after 9/11, did not understand what it was all about but they did understand the losses suffered by those who died and those that were left behind. It was an emotional visit. Anyone who doesn't have that catch in their throat or a tear in their eye just doesn't have any feelings at all!

As I said our day had it's ups and downs, from the top of the world with a birds eye view to the bottom of our hearts in the basement museum where it will always be remembered. So emotionally drained I am saying goodnight from our home in Jersey City (just a stones throw to NYC) because.....

Home is where we park it,
Fran and Mary  and the kids

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