Saturday, June 11, 2016

'16/#22 Day One A Resounding Sucess

Our goal was to be on the road by 5am. We pulled out of the park at 5:15 and that is close enough for me. Being Saturday and early in the morning we made great time. The kids slept until we decided to stop for breakfast. After breakfast we continued on our adventure.

Crossing state lines is a bench mark along the way. So we were excited to leave Florida and cross into Georgia. It was a small monkey wrench when we got off at the welcome center. The welcome center was closed so we had to go around and find somewhere else for a pit stop.  Once that was done it was on down the road again. I-95 is a short stretch through Georgia so we soon crossed into South Carolina.

At the S Carolina welcome center we stopped for lunch. The kids found out what traveling in the RV is like. After lunch we launched onto the last stretch before stopping for the night. Once we got settled in we found a gas station so we could have a full tank in the morning. Back at the park we heated up some dinner and filled our own tanks.

Today was a 550 mile jaunt so we were tired and will call it an early night. Tomorrow will be a shorter day and we will stay for 2 nights and visit with a friend in the area. So I will sign off now from our home in Florence S Carolina because......

Home is where we park it,
Frank and Mary and Johnny and Becky

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