Friday, June 10, 2016

'16/#21 Day Zero!

Today is our last day of preparation. We leave early tomorrow morning so any last minute details have to be ironed out today or they won't get done! All the tanks will get a good flushing, lug nuts tightened, and the usual walk-around the RV will start our day. Everything inside will get secured and the kids will get their personal belongings settled in. The kids will get instructions on RV life like short showers and RV toilets.

There is a week's worth of laundry to do and a few last minute errands to run. We might even get to see a couple of friends and family before we go. On a very positive note, the shocks came in yesterday and Mary and I got them installed. It was one of those rare times when you say a job will only take 30 minutes and it actually does. I take that as a good omen for this trip.

We spent some time on our mapping software planning our stops and printed it out last night. We use a GPS but anyone who has experience with a GPS unit knows how inaccurate they can be. To cover our bases we use the GPS, mapping software, and a truckers road atlas. Now with smart phones we add Google Maps to the mix. With all this travel advice we figure we should at least get close to our destinations.

Tonight we plan on dinner with Rachel so she can say goodbye to the kids without having to get up at an ungodly hour tomorrow. Everyone will be showered this evening and we plan on hooking up the truck before we go to bed so we can get an early start. With everybody so excited we figure we can have a long first day on the road and get quite a few miles behind us.

We need to get ready for "Day One" of the Great Adventure of 2016 so I will sign off now from our home in Largo because....

Home is where we park it,
Frank and Mary

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