Saturday, May 28, 2016

'16/#17 F:%×@!: Jello!!##

Finally on our way back to Florida and the jello gets shaken again. On our way towards Atlanta Mary heard something. I don't see anything but I keep looking. Then The Tell-Tale signs of a tire coming apart appear. I get off at the next exit and of course there is a tire that is destroyed. To make it worse it is the tire on the middle axle of our three axle trailer.

The first thing we have to do is find a parking lot big enough for us to get the trailer in to change the tire. Since it was dinner time and rush hour we figured it would be quicker to change the tire ourself than to call Road service. 40 minutes later we were back on the road. It's nice to have the right tools but even better to have the right partner to help. Mary is the best! I don't know too many wives that would be crawling around under an 18000 pound trailer to change a flat tire.

We finally get to our Campground in South Atlanta and get the trailer set up. At this point nobody wants to cook and I need diesel in the truck. It's time to unhook the truck go get diesel and something to eat. By the time all running around is done it is almost 10 o'clock and we are both ready for bed.

Saturday morning we call around for a new tire. Luckily there is a Goodyear dealer two exits down the road with the tires we need and at a good price. Yes I said tires! In the morning when I got up the tire next to the one that blew was flat. That means 2 tires need replacing.

So here we sit waiting for new tires with our home behind the Goodyear dealer because...

Home is where we park it,
Frank and Mary

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  1. Sorry to hear about that dam shaking jello! Glad to hear the Goodyear dealer was not too far way and had some decent prices. Be safe! Debbie