Tuesday, May 24, 2016

'16/#16 There's Always Room For Jello.....NOT!

If you follow us at all you have heard us talk about shaking the jello. That is a reference to my answer to people that ask "what if (blank) happens?" I always respond "Our house is on wheels and our plans are written in jello". Well the jello has been shaken! This past Saturday we were getting the rig ready for a Sunday departure. We closed up the slides and drove to the dump station to empty all our waste water tanks. when we returned to our parking spot to set up for the night the jello fell on to the floor. As the newly repaired slide slid out, the corner caught the linoleum and ripped it right off the sub floor. Mary's language was more suited to a trucker or sailor but I whole heartily agreed with her.

Well we settled in for the weekend and tried to relax before meeting with the repair shop personnel on Monday. Mary did a lot of sleeping Sunday rather than stay up and dwell on things we couldnn't do anything about until Monday. Monday would come around soon enough.

Monday morning and our service writer is just as upset as we were. The shop foreman wasn't happy either and promised that everything would be fixed and quickly. We were told to pick out what ever new flooring we wanted and that the floors in the whole rig would be replaced  to match. The techs worked on the slide to figure out why this happened in the first place and make sure it didn't happen again.

Here it is Tuesday and the slide problem has been addressed. The new floor is being put down as we speak.We should be in our home tonight and if all goes well we could be on the road Wednesday. Fingers crossed and a new tray of jello not withstanding.We should keep be able to keep all our plans even if they have to be abbreviated a bit.

So I will sign off now here in the customers lounge next to our home in Elkhart Indiana because......

Home is where we park it,
Frank and Mary

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