Wednesday, May 18, 2016

'16/#14 Good Choices

We are still in Elkhart. Bright and early Tuesday morning they took our rig into the repair shop. About 80% of the Rvs they work on are motor homes which means taking it into the shop involves turning the ignition key and driving through the garage door. A 5th wheel like ours is usually moved by fork lift. Our trailer is on the top of the size scale for this type of RV and sometimes cannot be moved by fork lift. This was the case here and the truck they usually use to move larger 5ers was not available so I had to move it into the garage with my truck. It was not a problem and the tech was impressed with our coordination while backing into a tight spot. 10 years of experience pays off!

Since we travel with our whole house, packing is not a skill we have mastered and being displaced from our home was  more than a little inconvenient. We looked like rednecks going on vacation. Everything was packed in grocery bags and Styrofoam coolers. On top of the contents of our refrigerator we had enough clothes for 3 days. We are hoping that it won't take any longer than that.

Fast forward to Wednesday at 11am and the phone rings. The bulk of the work is done and if we want we could stay in our rig tonight. Tomorrow they will finish a few of the minor things on the list and will be done. We opted to stay in the motel for the extra night so the rig didn't have to be moved just to save one night in a rented room. Also, the rig wouldn't have to be moved again to finish the work. We were prepared for 3 days in the motel anyway. 1 day would have been great but 2 is still better than we had hoped for.

If we are satisfied with the overall work and the time to complete it, the trip to Indiana was a very good choice. Driving 1200 miles to get repair work done might seem excessive, but if you want the job done right you go to people who know what they are doing. As I've said before, Elkhart is the center of the RV manufacturing universe and has everything needed to solve your RV problems.

Excited to get back into our home in Elkhart because....

Home is where we park it,
Frank and Mary


  1. you two are too funny! I am happy you have your rig back...smiles from Cody!

    1. Comment came through from "unknown". Who is this?