Saturday, May 14, 2016

'16/#13 We're Not In Florida Toto!

Today we have to take care of our holding tanks. Since the sites at the repair shop only have water and electric, dumping the tanks requires us to move the trailer to the dump station. It's not a big deal and we can always use the practice of hooking up and unhooking. The only problem is the temperature today is only going to get up to  45 degrees with gusty winds. Having lived in Florida for 3 decades it strikes us as weird that people are walking around in shorts and t-shirts in this weather. Meanwhile we are digging out electric space heaters and filling propane for the furnace like the next ice age is coming. Fortunately we can make our home nice and cozy when the outside elements are (relatively speaking) arctic.

Now about the repair work. A new floor has been ordered to replace the rotting one in the kitchen slideout. That is the main purpose for this trip. Hopefully that will be ready to go early this week. We are also replacing the kitchen sink and while that is being done the faucet and filtered water tap will also be replaced. The sink is turning into a problem. RV sinks are not the same standard sizes as residential sinks, On top of that ours seems to be an unusual size and configuration from normal RV sinks. The shop has had no luck finding a sink to fit and we don't want to have to replace the whole counter top to start from scratch. What to do?

Sounds like a road trip! We are in the birthplace of most of the RVs on the road so we should be able to find something. There are a number of RV surplus and salvage stores in the area to check out. Nothing was found in Elkhart so on to Michigan. It is not that far of a trip. We are so close to Michigan that this area is called "Michiana"!

There is a place that we have visited before that is RV parts heaven. It is the resting place for all RV parts past and present. Old warehouses full of bins with everything from unique screws to whole axle assemblies. We head back to the section of sinks and wade into the collection with our measurements and a tape measure. The stainless steel sink we find is the right size but not the right configuration of bowls and faucet holes. Damn! Digging in we find a white fiberglass one with the right dimensions and a fauet configuration that just might work. On top of that it is only $35! Most of the sinks for RVs were starting at $125 and they wouldn't work for us. White is not our first choice but I think we can make it work. Back to the repair shop to see if they had any luck, if not white it will be.

It has reached the high temp for the day and I am sitting here blogging and drinking coffee. Mary has decided not to get dressed yet and is lying in bed playing on her phone. Sometime we will have to move and get the tanks dumped, preferably before they overflow. So I will sign off now from our taosty warm home here in Elkhart Indiana because.....

Home is where we park it,
Frank and Mary

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