Monday, April 18, 2016

"16/#3 Moving??????

This past weekend was interesting. Tiring, frustraing, productive, but interesting. We have finally moved on. Not very far mind you, it was a move to another site in the same park. "Why?" you might ask would we move to another site whem we are planning to leave in a couple of weeks.

First, we always get a safety check before we head out after sitting for a while. The new site makes it easier to pull out at whatever ungodly hour of the morning I must to be at the head of the line at he shop. Pulling all the wheels, checking the brakes, greasing the bearings, etc.

Second, we wanted to go through the "crap" we have gathered while we were sitting still and get rid of what we didn't need. All RVers and anyone who has read this blog in the past knows how often the RV has to go on a diet to keep it under the weight restrictions dictated by the chasis components.

Third, we thought it would be a good idea to go through our RV routine to decamp. Stowing gear, hooking up the truck, and all the checks and double checks associated with the process. This part turned out to be the most embarassing and humbling part of our weekend. It was a comedy of errors, literally! It was amazing how much we forgot that was once done as second nature. We are RVers, we are NOT supposed to sit still for 3 years!!!! We are glad the there weren't too many people eatching. That would have made it worse.

The move was successful and we are set up on our new site. And the adventure is starting.

Until the next blog form our new home still in Zephyrhills because....
Home is where we park it.

Frank and Mary

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