Sunday, March 27, 2016

'16/#2 Counting The Days

Our time here in Zephyrhills is winding down. We now have to get serious about plans after our extended stay in Florida. The road is calling and we have a severe case of hitch-itch. When we leave our first stop will be to get some work done on the rig. With our new truck the only thing we have to worry about is the trailer. Our first stop will be locally to get a general safety check. Then we will head to Indiana, this the birthplace for 90% of all RV's, to have some more serious work done. Our 5th wheel is 10 years old and like any home will need some work from time to time, so we figured why not go back to where they build them to have it taken care of

After the necessary work is completed we will head back to Florida and embark on a fun adventure. This summer we are planning on taking some grand kids on a trip with stops in NYC and Washington DC. Anything that pops up along the way is open for discussion. Will keep the adventure going as long as possible.

Once summer vacation is over and the kids go back to school we are tentatively heading to Kentucky to work another season at Amazon. We enjoyed our last stint at Amazon and it is a good way to feather the nest for the future. Since Amazon usually last right up until Christmas we hope to head back to Florida to spend the rest of the holiday season with our family. 

Well, that is 9 months of planning and that is about how far in advance we dare plan. If you have followed us in the past you know that we always say our plans are written in jello. You never know what the future brings and thing can change at the drop of a hat!

Well I will close for now from our home in Zephyrhills because...
Home is where we park it,
Frank and Mary

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