Tuesday, June 4, 2013

'13/#11 Frustration!

We work with some great people but as usual there are always a few that ruin a good situation. Also not surprising the duds are the ones in charge. Here in the "springs" we are service oriented employees. We try to make the guest's experience the best it can be by making the campground and day use areas as clean and pleasant to use as possible. It appears that we have been successful based on the comment cards we are receiving. Even our supervisors are telling us we are doing a great job. So why are they changing the way we do our jobs?

Our jobs have a policy that states that it is the responsibility of the employee manage hours. Then the supervisor tells us how to manage our hours. How does one manage hours while being micro-managed? Just goes to show that the Post Office isn't the only company screwed up by management yet is still operated successfully by the employees in spite of that management. AL&L has one major difference from the Post Office. Employees will put up with a lot for enough pay and benefits whereas AL&L pays minimum wage and no benefits. That may be why this park has had 5- 6 sets of managers over the past TWO years. Heck, if you figure the hours managers put in based on their salary they are getting a lot less than minimum wage. We are happy to be lowly camp hosts at an hourly wage with a lot less headaches.

On another subject we got to see all the kids this past week. Everyone is doing great and is was fun to see them. It was a welcome break from the insanity that was Memorial Day Weekend at the springs. The park was so crowded that we had to close the gates at 10:30am all 3 days of the holiday weekend. Then there was the mess that comes with large groups of people in small areas at one time. I won't go into details for those of you who may be squeamish but the restrooms/showers need extra attention.

Well that is enough for now so I will sign off from our home here in Alexander Springs because....

Home is where we park it,
Frank and Mary

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