Sunday, November 11, 2012

'12/#47 Three Days Off. Yay!!!!

We have finished our second week of "conditioning" here at Amazon. The 5 hour days were a nice way to get the feel of what goes on and what is expected of us. Like any other repetitive job it doesn't take long to get the hang of it. The only problem we are having,and it is a minor thing, is finding our way around the building. This facility is HUGE! Add to that the randomness of the numbering of the areas and sections. As we work through the day we have to move around in a specific area where section #2 is at the far end from section #192 but #204 is right next to # 2. Go figure?!?! Not very efficient for a newbee who is trying to find his way around and is only here for 2 months as a temp.

Then we have the different areas where A & B are in one building, Q,J,D,K,C,L,M,N,&P are in another, and R,G,H,T,E,&F are in a third part of the building. The maps we have been given must have been drawn up by a drunken monkey or a postal supervisor. Again, not very efficient but that is not the biggest problem. The areas are not rectangular in shape. Some are "L" shaped or "U" shaped or are split in two. There are vehicle pathways we must avoid and conveyors we have to go around. Mary was in an area she hadn't been in before and literally got lost! Now this wouldn't have been a problem during our shift. If they want to pay people for finding their way, so be it. But it was time to go home and Mary couldn't find her way out or to a time clock. She finally found one of the trainers who pointed her in the right direction. At this point I was starting to worry because I had been waiting for her for 15 minutes past the end of our shift. Since we can't have cell phones on the floor I couldn't even call her to try and track her down. We are starting to find our way around so this shouldn't happen again.

Well, we have the next three days off before we start our 10 hour days. We are going to relax, do some laundry, and cook ahead so we will have dinners ready for next week. No one feels like cooking after a 10 hour day so it will be nice to have our meals all ready to just heat up. The weather has been a bit warmer but rain is expected on Monday with colder temperatures following. After seeing what those poor folks in NY & NJ are going through I think I will stop complaining about the weather.

So I will sign off with beautiful weather outside our window in our home in Kentucky because.....

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

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