Saturday, July 28, 2012

'12/#33 Better Planning

We have looked at our work schedule, checked our day-off activities, & compared them to our to-do list since we arrived in Cody. Things have not gone as we had planned. As most people can attest, Murphy's Law is real & we are not immune to it. There have also been some changes in our work schedule & duties that threw the proverbial monkey wrench into everything. It also takes a little time to get into a new routine when starting a new job, but as work campers/temps that time is at best short & the adjustment or learning curve must be sped up. We are at the halfway point of the season & think we have figured it out.

The Billings trip opened our eyes. Work days are for work & rest  so we can get more out of our days off. We were trying to do too much on days we had to go to work & were crashing/wasting our days off. Now we spend the work week planning our weekend & jump into it well rested. This week we will be taking the motorcycle on the Beartooth Highway to Red Lodge MT. Beartooth has me excited. Not only do the locals say it is a beautiful drive but all my motorcycle magazines have been listing it as one of the best motorcycle rides in the country. This will be an all day adventure. Again this will be an excursion out of Cody.

Billings opened our eyes to the options available to us, we just had to plan better. In Billings we went to some of our favorite chain restaurants. The Texas Roadhouse had great food & Mary got a margarita the size of her head! Olive Garden allowed us to have some Italian dishes we always enjoy. And let's not forget Red Lobster....out here in the west beef is king. There is no shortage of steakhouses but good seafood can be hard to come by or cost prohibitive. Red Lobster, while it is a chain restaurant, is consistent in quality & reasonable in price.

And there were stores! Mary has more of the shopping gene than I but it is still nice to have options. On top of that there was a real mall with anchor stores, shops, & a food court! There were a couple of things we were looking for & some other things we found that we just couldn't live without(wink,wink). Add to that the lack of any sales tax in Montana & you have the perfect shopping storm. Needless to say we came home with that back seat of the truck full.

Well it is time to go to work & plan for our next weekend so this is goodbye from our home in Cody Wyoming because.....

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

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