Saturday, July 7, 2012

'12/#30 Enjoying Workcamping Again!

With the registration desk behind us we jumped right back into workcamper mode. We started with 2 days off & work being the last thing on our minds. Relax, enjoy, & unwind were to be the watch words for the next 2 days.

Day 1 was July 3rd & Cody was in in full Independence Day mode. There are craft fairs, food vendors, & entertainment going on for 5 days. It all starts with the Extreme Bull Riding on June 30th. This event is the kick-off for the Cody Stampede Rodeo that runs through July 4th. July 1st is the children's parade that includes all the trappings of the regular parade but only goes for 2 blocks & also allows any kid from the state of Wyoming to participate with a group or on their own. We missed that parade but it sounded like a lot of fun for the kids.

On July 3rd(our first day off from work) we watched the next parade. Every local group & most businesses were represented. There were bands from around the state including the Wyoming State All Star Band. This band has over the years traveled to Ireland & participated in the Rose Bowl Parade & the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. Quite a resume if you ask me! Fire trucks, police vehicles, & horses of all shapes, colors, & sizes made their way down the main street in Cody. There were numerous floats promoting local organizations & also commemorating the town's history & founding father, William"Buffalo Bill" Cody. Local pride in small town America.....there is nothing like it & it is a perfect way way to celebrate Independence Day. After the parade we walked down town to the craft fair & spent a little money supporting the local artisans. Some ice cream from a local shop & it was time to take a nap. Our day was far from over!

As I mentioned before the Cody Stampede Rodeo is happening all this time. We managed to get tickets to the semi-finals on July 3rd. This rodeo is not the normal Nite Rodeo that goes on every night in Cody. This a nationally sanctioned event that qualifies some of the best cowboys in the world to go to the championship rodeo in Las Vegas later this year. This is a BIG event on the rodeo circuit. Needless to say we had a great time. There were some beautiful animals & some very talented cowboys & cowgirls. It was as exciting as any sporting event I have gone to in the past & was the perfect ending to a wonderful day in Cody.

I will continue later, so this is so long for now from our happy workcamper home here in Cody Wyoming because.....

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary


  1. Love, Love, Love that you two are able to get back to enjoying life again going back to your 'mundane' jobs. Makes me sit back and wonder how I can follow you two in a couple of years, not 9!
    Still, it's great to read about your adventures.
    Thanks, Derek

  2. If only to have a rewind button... I was in the W. A. S. M. B., my group was in the rose parade and my sister was the group that went to Ireland...
    Shandi, a friend from cody:-)