Monday, May 21, 2012

'12/#24 Yellowstone!!!!!

This past week we mainly worked & hung around town. We still did not have our truck back because Ford didn't want to send the parts to the dealer. Something about odometer readings. Anyway, the dealer got the parts on Friday & we had our truck back on Tuesday. That allowed us to make plans for our next days off.

Friday we got up & headed to Yellowstone. Finally!!! We wanted to get there before all the tourists & before it warmed up too much. Once it warms up & gets busy the critters of the forest head up into the mountains. Well we were rewarded for our patience. The weather wasn't the best but it made for an interesting day. First it was cold & cloudy. The clouds over the mountains made for some interesting pictures. Farther on Mary found snow & was playing in it like a little kid. The lake there was pretty much frozen over.

Like I said the weather was far from perfect & as we headed towards Lake Yellowstone it started to hail. Nothing major but just enough to make us laugh & wonder what was next. Well next was the geyser basin at West Thumb. Here we saw pools of bubbling water surrounded by snow next to a partially frozen lake with elk grazing 100' away. The bubbling water was actually boiling water with temps at the surface of  near 170 degrees! It was amazing, stunning, beautiful, & all those adjectives that people try to use to describe the indescribable. Words can't describe it & pictures do it no justice. This is one of those things that you have to see in person which is why we live this lifestyle.

After 3 cameras, 3 dead batteries, & close to 1000 pictures we headed home. We have our work cut out for us sorting through & posting all these photos. With more to sort & more to take on our next trip into Yellowstone this is goodbye until the next blog from our home in Cody WY because....

Home is where we park it,

Frank & Mary

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