Friday, May 11, 2012

'12/#23 Heeeere's Cody!

When ever we get to a new place we always ask for recomendations for shopping, laundr-o-mats, restaurants, haircuts, etc. All went well until the hairtcut topic came up. Everyone we asked said we should ask Jan & Don. We couldn't understand why. Were they the only ones who knew where the barbers were? Could it be they kept the locations of all the hair salons to themselves? Or were they the only ones with hair that grew??? No, it turns out that Don had his own barber shop & Jan had a beauty shop next door. After they retired the decided to keep their skills(& sissors) sharp by supplimenting their retirement by giving hair cuts to their fellow work campers. So for $10 we both got excellent hair cuts, good company, & a cup of coffee! How can you go wrong?

After the de-fur-ing we were invited to join them & another work camper couple for lunch at a local Chinese buffet. One of the things that is hard to come by & we miss dearly in our travels is good Chinese food. So when we get recommendations we check it out. As promised the food was delicious. Combine that with good company & our day off was going great. With our bellies full & our friends heading off to work we decided to check out the Cody WY scene.

The main street is Sheridan Ave & it is about 10 blocks long. Along this stretch are shops, restaurants, & local historical sights. We had a nice walk through town, did a little shopping &  a lot of browsing. We will be here all summer so we will have plenty of time to spend our work camping paychecks. We took our cameras so we can post the pictures I have been promising.

Right now I am blogging while Mary takes a nap. I guess the walk was too much for her. So enjoy the pics & until the next blog this is good bye from our home in Cody WY because.....

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

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