Saturday, May 5, 2012

'12/#22 Work, Weather, & Other Woes

The first day at work was as expected. We have all had that lost feeling on the first day. Fortunately everyone was very nice & helpful. It didn't take long to lose that feeling of uselessness & start feeling productive. Mary took to selling & cashiering quickly as she has done this many times before. I, on the other hand, have jumped right in to accepting freight, checking inventory, & pricing merchandise. This is all good news for Mary but I was hired for the front desk/bell hop job. Right now the cabins are empty & there is nothing for me to do on that front so I will have to train again for the next job. I don't mind, knowing several jobs makes me more useful & will keep me from getting bored doing the same thing all the time. Variety is the spice of life, right?

The weather had been nice for a few days. With sun shine & temps near 70deg it was very comfortable. Night time temps dropped to the low 50's but with the electric blanket we didn't have to turn the heat on. The heat goes on during our morning showers then we open the windows for the rest of the day. The wind still kicks up every now & then but nothing we can't handle as long as the awning isn't out. Today the sky stayed overcast & we had a little bit of rain. the temperature has steadily dropped from 52deg this morning to 44deg at 3:30 this afternoon. This front was expected & it should start to warm up again soon.

We have been having some water flow issues & I finally tracked it down to a bad water pressure regulator. These RV regulators are junk & don't seem to last especially in hard water. Traveling around the country you never know what kind of water you will find or what the pressure will be & this is some thing we need. I am looking into a better quality unit & will see what I can find. The truck, on the other hand is giving me fits. The battery dies over night & now the gauges don't work when I do get the truck started. I HATE electrical issues so it is going in the shop on Monday & hopefully it turns out not to be too big of a problem.

Mary has not felt good the past 24 hours so she is napping & if the weather clears I may take a walk & see if I can get some pictures of Cody to post. So until the next blog this is goodbye from our home here in Wyoming because.....

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

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  1. Well guys .. hope you get to feeling better, Mary .. and Frank, did the truck get fixed?
    Your new area sounds/looks nice -- good photos, thanks. You keep writing & we'll keep reading ! ;+)beryl %+)john