Tuesday, March 27, 2012

'12/#7 OMG! 4 More Days!!!

The list is getting done but...WOW only 4 more days. We still have some things to do but we will make it. Time has run out for anyone who wanted to see us before we left so the only ones we will be seeing are family & the few people we will run into accidentally.

The rig is slowly getting cleaned & ready for the road. We are going section by section washing & waxing 40' of RV. Not only does it help keep all the bugs & road grime from sticking it feels good when people comment on the looks of our rig. Most RVers are proud of their rigs & love to brag & show off. We are no different. We used to wash the rig & truck in one day but it has become too much to do in one day. Breaking it down into manageable sections has allowed us to get the job done while still being able to work on the rest of our list.

This week we also had the going away dinner for all the winter residents. Good food, good drink, good music, & good friends made for a great time. Most of our friends will be leaving this week. In fact we may be one of the few that will be here until April 1. Friday is the last Bingo of the season. As I have mentioned I am the Bingo caller in our park. This past Friday all the players got together to give me a hard time. It was non-stop heckling & laughing. I took it as it was intended...in good nature & with fun for all. This Friday's Bing will be quiet with so many snowbirds having headed home but we will still have fun & be able to say our last goodbyes.

Well I will sign off for now. I hope to blog again before we hit the road but that all depends on the list. So goodnight from our home for the next 4 days here in Largo because......

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

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