Monday, January 30, 2012

'12/#03 "Home" or "Back Where We Parked It"

We left our home for a few days to help a friend move & have returned. As I mentioned last time we had to pack for this trip which is something we don't usually have to do. We remembered everything that we needed & had a good trip to Indiana. The winter coats came in handy with night time temps reaching the upper 20's. We traveled in 2 vehicles. I drove the truck & U-Haul while Mary & Daisy followed in the car. As I like to put it..."I had 2 women chasing me all the way from FL to IN". We made one stop-over on the way. The second day it drissled most of the way but we still made good time.
The next day we unloaded the trailer & turned it in at a local U-Haul dealer. I mentioned Mary's hand surgery & that it had gone well. Well half-way to IN Mary started to get a rash which has now been attributed to a reaction to something she was given during the surgery. By the time we had finished moving Daisy, Mary & I decided to head home instead of staying over an extra night. We hit the road by 2pm not knowing how far we planned to travel before stopping. By midnight we had made it to Georgia with me doing all the driving. Mary felt OK despite the rash & wanted to drive for awhile. I slept & by 8am we were past Ocala FL. By now you have guessed that we were driving straight through. We pulled up to our home by 9am.
As nice as it was to be home Mary still had the rash & it was starting to really itch. That meant that the bed would have to wait while I took her to the ER. They treated her for the symptoms even though they couldn't definitevely determine the cause. With Mary loaded up with IV Benedryl & steroids she was ready for a well deserved rest. Except for the naps in the truck we had been going for 28 hours & were lusting for our own bed & sleep.
Sunday I woke with a severe backache while Mary was still itching. We spent the day just lounging around hoping to feel better. By Monday Mary's rash was showing signs of improvement & my back is starting to heal. We will be resting & healing for the rest of the week here in our own home in Largo because ......
Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

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