Tuesday, January 24, 2012

'12/#02 On The Road? Sort Of.

We are getting ready to hit the road soon but not like we usually do. This time we are headed out for a couple of days to help a friend move. This is a real good friend that we would do almost anything for. What is different this time is we aren't taking the rig. The big truck is pulling a U-Haul to Indiana this time. This is a little bit harder for us than usual. Is it leaving friends? No. Is it leaving family? No.Is it the drive? No." So what is it?", you are asking. It's the PACKING! When we travel there is no packing involved. No "what will the weather be like?"," how many pairs of underwear & socks do I need?","do we have the phone chargers?","will the bed be OK for my back?". When we normally travel these questions never come up. Why? Because we take our whole house with us! We take all our clothes, electronics, & our BED. We take our kitchen so there is no question of where we will eat. We take our bathroom so we don't have to wonder if we will find a clean restroom to .....well you know what we all do in the restroom. It's not resting now is it?

Since 2005 we have lived the RV lifestyle. We travel on the road with all our belongings. There is no packing, no getting rides to the airport, & no foreplay at the airport with the TSA screeners. Terrorists aren't hi-jacking my RV, kids are not screaming or kicking the back of my seat. My luggage doesn't get lost or crushed (not that we own luggage). Yes it takes longer to get there but we see all that there is batween points A & B. You miss all that on an airplane, & besides we are retired so I have time to get where I am going. In the 7 years we have been living the RV lifestyle I can count on one hand the number of times we have traveled overnight without our rig & we wouldn't have it any other way.
This time we have a good reason for traveling like those in "stick & brick" homes. A friend needs our help & that is what friends do, they help. I know if we needed help our friends would be there for us. That is why we consider our good friends more than friends, they are family. Not relatives, but family. I have relatives that would help if it was life or death so I don't consider them family. My family are those who care about me & those whom I also care about regardless of blood relation.
Jusy a quick note too....remember when Mary fell at Dollywood this past September, well they finally found out what was giving her problems with the wrist & scheduled surgery. I am happy to say that the surgery went great & she is recovering nicely. That means she is sleeping a lot & I have time to blog (HAHA).
So I will sign off & go now because someone in our family needs us. From our home in Largo because.....
Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

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