Saturday, August 27, 2011

'11/#39 Busy, Busy, FUN!

Just because we have taken time off from work doesn't mean we are doing nothing. In fact this past week has been just the opposite. After 3 days of non-stop laughing with the kookie sisters, broken up by the wife's day of ultimate stomach misery, we started all over.

Thursday we got up early. Dollywood was having their annual yard sale to support the share it forward program. It is an opportunity to clear out unwanted items & help those in the area that need it the most. Not only did we lighten the trailer we also found some bargains. Mary found boxes of baby clothes & with a new grandbaby on the way she went crazy. All the cute little clothes & at bargain prices... I had to let her have fun. Further on we found more clothes for adults & were able to find some khaki that will be our uniform next year in Cody Wyoming.

After the yard sale we took a ride into Gatlinburg & checked out the Smoky Mountain visitor center. The rangers told us about Roaring Fork Motor Tour Route. This driving tour of what was a farming community in the early 1800's & the preserved homes & farmsteads & trails give an insight into the hard lives these people had. The real reason for us coming here was to see the Grotto Falls. Anyone who knows Mary knows that after pigs & lighthouses she loves waterfalls. If my math is correct that places me at best 4th on her list. I guess I'll have to work harder. Anyway 1.4 miles up the side of the mountain we reached the Grotto Falls. It was quite spectacular as you can see on Mary's FB page. Then there was the walk down. Down is always easier & quicker. Add in all the walking around the other stops on the tour we probably walked at least 4-5 miles. It was an early night that night.

Friday we stayed in & did nothing. It was nice to just rest. I sat around & worked on my wood carving while Mary just relaxed. The wood carving is something that I can do to relax.Well it is back to work for a couple of days & then another week of who knows what kind of fun. This isone of those times when we purposely write our plans in jello. Spontaneity can be so much fun. So goodnight from our home in the Smokys because.....

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

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  1. Frank, even at 4th on the list, you're sure in GOOD company!