Tuesday, August 23, 2011

'11/#38 Scratch, Scratch, Scratch

Have not made it to Dollywood yet, darn (note the sarcasm), but it won't be long. We got a last minute call from one of our retired postal worker friends who she said was coming to Pigeon Forge with her sisters & could we get together? Of course! When anyone travels that far & wants to see us we will do our best to accommodate them. Well Daisy is just as crazy as we are & her sisters fit right in. They decided to do a sister road trip & now that I've gotten to know them... well think Thelma & Louise as a trio. Less violence & a whole lot more laughing. We spent the day with them doing the tourist thing & getting discount tickets to the shows they wanted to see. Tomorrow we will all go to Dollywood & laugh some more. These girls are a trip! Everyone is having a blast but the time they are here is going by too quickly.

We sent the girls on to the Dixie Stampede since we had an appointment to have someone check out some light issues we were having on the truck. As we have mentioned in the past we have the best friends. Like before we asked if anyone could make a recommendation to help us out & numerous people came through. Thank you to everyone & especially Jeanne who hooked us up with James. It turned out to be something minor & we were on the road in no time.

Since we now had some extra time & we were close to the interstate we drove over to the Bass Pro Shop. We are not really outdoors sports people but the store has some neat things to see. Mary also needed to stock up on some "varmint" batter mix that she likes from this store. We are not into cooking what we kill but it does work well on fried chicken. We also took some pictures that can only be taken at a place like the Bass Pro Shop. I'm sure some will find their way to Mary's FB page.

Like I said we were near the interstate for the first time in a couple of months. Watching all the cars, trucks, & especially the RVs got us thinking. We have been getting that itch that RVers know as "hitch itch". That feeling when you want to hook up the rig & just head on down the road again. It will be just 6 more weeks when we get to scratch that itch & start heading back south to Florida. We miss the kids & grand kids, & are in need of some grandchildren hugs. The plan is to be back on or about November 1 but like I always say...our house is on wheels & our plans are written in jello. So with those plans in mind I will say goodnight so I can rest up for Dollywood tomorrow in our home in Pigeon Forge because.....

Home is where we park it,

Frank & Mary


  1. gotta love a wife who kisses a Moose!

  2. Yup, the things I do for my husband. But actually we are having a blast, enjoying life and just taking life as it comes. If we make each other laugh, then all the better. I love you sweetie.....

  3. Hi Frank, first visit to your site because I am not too computer savvy and didn't know how to get here. Now I hope your feelings aren't so hurt anymore :) It is quite impressive. I am so glad to see you and Mary enjoying Life so much and really Love seeing and reading about all your adventures. Keep up the good work and take care my friend. Denise Kuzan

  4. Frank,
    I can't believe that any woman would let her man anywhere near a BASS PRO SHOP!!!! Love the blogs...as always. You guys are having way too much fun!!! Still very, very jealous!. Safe travels!!!
    Mary and Mike

  5. Yay!!! I was finally able to place a comment on your blog. I've been having a dickens of a time trying to create my own account on google. This is an old computer of my ex's and his account always shows up. Great job on your whittling Frank. I love it. And Mary, what was it like kissing that Moose or facsimile? LOL! Looking forward to seeing you both.