Thursday, July 14, 2011

'11/#34 It's Not All Work

I looked back over some of my blogs & it seems like we do nothing but work most of the time. That's not really how it is. I do write a lot about it because we enjoy the work & the people we work with. Also we do relax a lot in between work because we can. I don't know which would be more boring to write about, work or doing nothing. It can be a challenge keeping it interesting. Anyway, here we go.

Saturday we went to work & Mary made it through the whole day. That meant she was feeling better. It was a busy & hectic day but that makes the day go by quickly. Sunday I worked & Mary had the day off. That doesn't mean that she didn't work. While I spent the day in the Wood Mary did the grocery shopping, laundry, & cleaning around the house. Again I come home to her complaining that she worked harder than if she had gone in to Reds all day.

Monday we slept in. Later that day we did a little shopping therapy. Mary is definitely feeling better when she shops. The weather has been brutal here. First there were the severe storms & now we have the heat. The temps have been in the mid to upper 90's & the heat index has reach as high as 111 degrees. After shopping we ran home to get back to the AC.

Tuesday we worked. Wednesday I woke up & decided that we would spend the day doing the tourist thing. I mean we get into so many things free as Dollywood employees we should take advantage of it. We started the day at the Deer Farm in Sevierville. The farm is a sanctuary for injured, abused, & abandoned animals of all kinds. Goats to emus, kangaroos to prairie dogs, reindeer to camels. We fed them, pet them, we photographed them. Check out Mary's FB soon. Take special note of Mary being attacked by the herd of goats & the terror in her eyes while feeding the Belgian draft horse. After getting pawed & slobbered on by assorted critters in the heat of the day we went down the road to a cooler venue.

Again free admission got us into the Forbidden Caverns Under the Smokys. We have been to numerous caverns & were not disappointed in these. We also enjoyed the constant 58 degrees at depths up to 650' below ground. It was refreshing & we didn't want to leave the free & natural AC provided by Mother Nature. It was a fun day but a long one so we headed home. Oh there was one more stop while we passed through Sevierville. We had to pass by city hall & check out the bronze statue to the local favorite daughter, none other than Dolly herself. The more we learn about the area the more we realize what she has done for her home town.

Today we worked at Reds. We work one more day & then we have another day off that coincides with the Gatlinburg Crafts Festival which we plan to enjoy. So there will be more to share from our home in Pigeon Forge TN because....

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

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