Sunday, July 3, 2011

'11/#32 Back So Soon?

Well here I am & it hasn't been a week yet. I looked back at my last few blogs & realized if I don't want people to fall asleep reading the it I will have to make the posts shorter. That means posting more than once a week. I also want to give a shout out to Patti. We just want you to know we are thinking positive thoughts about you & know you will fight the good fight. Hang in there & keep enjoying the blog. Also to those RVers looking into workcamping at Dollywood remember nothing is as good as it seems. I'm not saying it is bad. If it was we wouldn't still be here. We have met some great people & the work has been fun & we would recommend working here but do so with open eyes. Promises made by Human Resources can not always be kept by the different operations in the park. Be ready to go with the flow or be ready to be disappointed. This is advice for all workcamping opportunities, not just Dollywood.

Now back to Dollywood. Thursday was a crazy day at work. We had a new employee named Murphy at Reds. Yep, that Murphy. The one that seems to have everything go wrong around him. Short on help, insane crowds, broiler on fire, & next we are running out of food. At the same time we have even more people coming in with no sign of it letting up. The only good thing was that day was over before we knew it. Friday was our day off so I asked Mary what she wanted to do. Not surprisingly she wanted to sleep in before going to the P.O. to pick up our mail. On the other hand I was taken aback when she wanted to go to Dollywood. Seriously, Dollywood on our day off?!?!?!? We went & saw a bubble show.Yes a bubble show! Deni Yang does things with soap bubbles that no one with a kiddie bubble wand could ever dream about. We were hungry & decided that we could eat anything but the food at Reds. Cooking it all day makes it somewhat unappetizing.

Saturday was our last day of work before 5 glorious days off to spend with our guests. It's the last Saturday before the 4th of July & it was going to be crazy at Reds but knowing we had the time off, well...WOOHOO!!! Sunday we slept in before getting started on the day. We wanted to get the house cleaned up for the week ahead. There is laundry to be done & now I can't find Mary. Ooops! She's back in bed with a tummy ache & I didn't even do the cooking. She hasn't actually gotten sick so I will let her rest for now. She just may be all excited about seeing everyone tomorrow. I'm sure she will be fine.

So I will sign off & finish up around here & try to keep up with the blog from our home in Tennessee because....

Home is where we park it,

Frank & Mary

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  1. Thank you Frank for thinking about me, Say Hello to Mary for me. I sure do miss you guys.Working at Dollywood, how cool. Just do it for the fun and gas money..LOL hugs Patti