Monday, May 23, 2011

'11/#23 A Few Days Off

After 2 long days we were looking forward to the next few days off. Our oldest granddaughter sent us "Flat Stanley". For those of you who don't know Flat Stanley he is a children's book character who can travel in an envelope. The kids send Stanley to friends or relatives who send pictures of Stanley in different parts of the country & these are used to learn about these parts of the country. Well we decided to take Flat Stanley for a motorcycle ride. Destination, Cherokee NC. The weather was beautiful & I think there were more bikes on the road than cars. Stanley got to see some of the mountains, valleys, & streams in the Smoky Mountain Park. After around 100miles & dozens of pictures the 3 of us(me, Mary, & Stanley) were tired & we called it a day.

Sunday started off like any other day. Laundry needed to be done so off we went to the laundromat. After about a ton of laundry we headed home, had some lunch, & checked up on e-mails. Suddenly there was a strange rumble & we noticed the sky had turned almost black. We quickly covered the bikes & barely got inside when the rain started. Rain turned into a deluge & the wind had it going sideways. Then the hail started. This was our first experience with hail in the trailer & the sound of it on the roof & plastic vent covers was a bit unnerving. Mary paced back & forth checking for leaks, damage, & the end of the world. The storm finally passed & I am glad to say that we had no damage. There was minor damage around the park but we were all OK.

Today we put Flat Stanley in the mail & did some running around. Some errands & a little shopping killed the best part of the day. We seem to do a lot of shopping but it is an RV necessity. RV refrigerators are substantially smaller than a regular house fridge which makes for a lot of small trips to the grocery store. Mary has been baking for the pot luck at Dollywood tomorrow & we will be calling it a night soon. So this is good night from our hail-storm-safe home in Pigeon Forge because....

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

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