Saturday, February 26, 2011

11/8 Just Me Talkin'

There doesn't seem to be anything exciting going on lately. We are staying busy & things are taking some interesting turns. Two of our little-old-lady friends have moved from the park into a mobile home that is much better suited for them. We have helped them move & brought a lot of their plants to the new place to make it feel more like home. Some of their relatives came down from Chicago to help & we all have been getting along & just having a good time. We will be doing a little more landscaping & potting some plants before we leave FL & hope to get all the moving done before their kin folk return to Chicago.

That was the busy part. Now on to the interesting part. This will mean more to those of you who knew Mary from working at the Post Office. Mary is a take charge, speak her mind, kick-ass type that just about everyone likes. She always has the best intentions & people sense that in her outspoken manner. Well take all that & you will understand how she got talked into running for vice-president of the resident's association. She & her running-mate, future president Norma, have some ideas to keep the association alive & even rejuvenate it. The association has been run successfully by the same people for years but has gotten stale & stagnant. Residents seem to want some younger blood as well as see the need for new people to step up as some of our residents age & are no longer able to fill these positions. So we are the "young blood" in the community now.

Did I say WE? Yes I did! Now what could that mean? Well I know I have mentioned that Mary has become addicted to her Friday night Bingo, & you now know that some of the residents that ran things in the park are no longer able what does that mean? That means that Frank,yes me, is going to be the new Bingo caller. Yes before is now B4. I don't know what made me volunteer & some of the serious Bingo players might want to string me up if I don't call just the right way but it will be my contribution to the residents of the park. Hopefully Bingo will go on without a hitch & the Friday night festivities will continue.

On another note. If you followed us this summer you know that we spent a good part of it in Maine. You may also remember that Mary was single handedly trying to eat every lobster in New England. Well it has been reported that the year 2010 broke all records for lobster harvested. Well done Mary! I am so proud of her.

I am going to call it a night & go to bed in our home in Largo because....

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

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  1. woohoo! Knew Mary couldn't stay away from being 'in-charge'! Now I know where to go to have fun on Friday nights till you guys