Saturday, February 12, 2011

11/6 Busy Busy Busy

Once again I want to know where all my retirement "free time" went. The past 2 weeks we have volunteered at school, found time to get sick, get to the doctor, install new window shades, all in addition to cooking, cleaning, & laundry. Then just to make it interesting we volunteered for the elementary school Valentines Dance & the trailer park's variety show.

The school dance was fun. We picked up 40 or so pizzas, several trays of garlic knots, plus salad trays, dressing, & containers of dipping sauce. The truck still smells like an Italian wedding. We helped dish out food & then just enjoyed watching all the kids having fun. As usual Mary was the unofficial photographer with pics to be seen on Mary's FB page.

The variety show was another story. A bunch of seniors just out to have fun. There was singing, dancing, & comedy skits. We got roped into an old married couples version of the Newlywed game. There were embarrassing questions & even more embarrassing answers but at least we didn't have to sing or dance. Mary & I actually wound up winning the game with the tie-breaking question so I will say that it was fun. After the show there was refreshments & the opportunity to meet with our fans. They were quite surprised & amused at some of our answers. Again it was just about having some fun. More pics on FB.

This week the insanity continues. A granddaughter's birthday, helping our youngest move, the State Fair & who knows what else. I am going to need my rest so I will close for now from our busy, busy, home in Largo because......

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

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