Sunday, November 28, 2010

#137 'Tis The Season

Well I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. Ours was terrific not just for the food but because of the family & friends around the table. Now I am not knocking the food, our daughter Jessie has taken over Thanksgiving Dinner for the last few years & has made it her own & has done it in style. For family, friends, & food we all are thankful.

On to the Holiday Season part II. With Thanksgiving out of the way we are now focusing on Christmas. We actually are in good shape as far as gifts go. We know our kids & grand kids pretty well & have been shopping for a while. Most of the gifts are bought & paid for so we can concentrate on other matters. There are decorations to get out & put up, plans to get together with family & friends need to be made, & something we like to do is find ways to help others who are less fortunate. This goes back to giving thanks for all we have & trying to give back where we can.

We have several charities we like to give to & they are just personal choices. We like to help those who are least able to help themselves like kids, older people, & animals. Today we joined in the Marine Toys-For-Tots motorcycle run in Tampa. Toys-For-Tots has been going on for more than 60 years & is dedicated to bringing the joy of Christmas to needy children. With well over 200 motorcyclists each bringing a toy & a donation today there will be a Christmas for many children. The ride was coordinated by several groups & was escorted for the first time by off-duty Hillsborough County Sheriffs. A thanks to all who participated & a special salute to the officers who gave their time for all to have a safe & enjoyable ride.

There are 27 shopping days 'til Christmas but more important there are 27 days to think of ways to give back to the community. We have several more functions we will try to participate in while getting ready for our own holiday celebration. We are also starting to volunteer at the grand kids school this week. The past weeks have been filled with scheduling, background checks, & planning. We are finally going to get into the volunteer/mentoring program & looking forward to it.

Well it is time to put the old sleigh into gear & get the season going. Mary has put pictures from today's ride on FB so you can check them out. So good night from our holiday home in Largo FL because ......

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

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  1. Hoping we can catch at least one toy run once we get to Florida next week. We'll be in Bushnell for Dec, then in Lakeland for Jan/Feb. Should be able to get some good riding in.

    Glad I found your blog!