Tuesday, October 12, 2010

#127 She Came, She Saw, She Shopped

Well it was day 2 at the Mall of America & this time it was for real. There was shopping to be done & Mary is the girl for the job. We also got to see more if the mall with daylight shining through the skylights. It gives the whole Nickelodeon area a different look. You can check out Mary's pics on FB.

Back to the shopping, I kid Mary about having the "shopping gene" but in reality she isn't that bad. Like I said before, as RVers we can't buy everything we want. We have to always consider space & weight. Now that isn't to say that Mary didn't do some shopping...but it was shopping that needed to be done. Signs in the stores reminded us that there are only 72 shopping days until Christmas. How depressing. Anyway, there are grandchildren to shop for & others I can't mention because then they will just keep asking what we got for them. When all was said & done the only thing we really bought for ourselves was lunch & an ice cream for dessert.

After 4 hours we had had enough of the Mall of America. As I said before....we came, we saw, we shopped, we're out of here. Tomorrow will be a long day on the road but we will not be setting up. It is just an overnight stay on our way to Memphis where we are going to try to find Elvis. We are working our way south to FL & will check out a few sights along the way. So this is our last goodnight from our home in Minneapolis because....

Home is where we park it,

Frank & Mary

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  1. Only 4 hours? You so don't want to shop with me then :0) I am not done with any mall until I have walked the whole thing and glanced in every store LoL. Of course, having the park in the middle would help those in my family who get bored all too easily with shopping...you know who they are LoL

    Never thought about the weight factor with RVing but I could adjust. We are tired of having too much stuff in the house anyway as well as the shed. We want simple and easy now.

    Drive safe and hope to see you all in Florida next year. Home-schooling allows for "off-season" vacations YEAH!!!!