Saturday, October 9, 2010

#125 I'm Beet!

Well we lasted 8 days & decided that it was time for us to move on. The beet harvest is 75% done & it looks like there will be down time over the next week due to the weather. Sitting here & not getting paid when we could start our trip south seems like a good idea. We made enough money to pay all our insurance policies for the year so it was a worthwhile adventure. We met some really nice people & got a glimpse at life in another part of the country. We had both grown up near major metropolitan areas(NYC & Washington DC) so working in the agricultural field was an eye opening experience.

We are going to take a few days to clean up the rig & ourselves before we hit the road. The rest will also do us some good. We plan on being back in the St Pete area in about 5 weeks so we will take our time & see what we shall see. With plans written in jello anything can happen. We are this close to the Mall of America so we plan to stop there on the way just to say we have seen it. From what we have heard, it is more of an amusement park with stores around it. Over 500 stores!!!! Hopefully there will be too many for us to decide where to spend our hard earned "beet" money. Actually this is more of a tourist stop for us than a shopping expedition but one never knows.

There are a lot of states between here & there so I am sure we will see more of the country & the people that make it. That is the best part of this adventure we are living. We get to see parts of the country we have only heard or read about & meet the people who make each area unique. We have met some of the nicest & friendliest people everywhere we have traveled. We get to share our stories with them & they tell us about there little corner of the world. The locals seem to be as interested in our lifestyle as much as we are in theirs. It is a win-win situation of sharing knowledge & making friends.

Well we are officially ex-beet pilers & are better for the experience so it is time for us to move on. So I will call it a night so we can start getting things ready to go. So good night from Fargo ND our home for a little while longer because.....

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary


  1. Okay, I really wish I was with you guys. The Mall of America!!! You know how I like to shop (window shop that is) LoL :0) Enjoy your travels and "The Mall"...send pics, maybe? Still can't get FB to allow me to even see Mary on it but will keep trying..I miss those updates :0(

    Prayers and blessings for safe travel and good health,

  2. Frank, WOW! 8 days! Enough money to pay insurance on the truck and 5th wheel and bikes for the year? Not too bad, I'm guessing. Take your time, enjoy the slow road back to Florida. Have heard from Mom and Dad about Mall of America, go see, just to say you've seen. Enjoy, be safe! Derek